Route 66 Road Trip Missouri Video

Every now and then i get a sudden urge to revisit the hours and hours ( probably days worth) of video I took when we did our Route 66 Road Trip in 2015. Some of it was shot on a go pro attached to the rental car, some of it was shot on a camera phone and some was taken hanging dangerously out of a moving vehicle with a shaky hand held cam.

It’s not film quality footage but it’s a lovely reminder of the sights we saw and the fun we had when we flew over from the UK to travel across the United States of America via the iconic Mother Road, Route 66 in August 2015.

The following video was cobbled together from photographs and footage taken as we drove through Missouri, stopping at St Louis, Carthage, Rolla, The Chain of Rocks Bridge, Cuba, Red Rock II, Springfield and plenty of other places.

If you have five minutes spare, give it a watch and if you enjoyed it then please comment and let me know

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