Welcome to my travel diary and thoughts on the places i have visited

Ive wanted to join the blogosphere for years but never really had anything I thought would be worthwhile sharing, but a holiday of a lifetime in 2015, travelling America via Route 66 has inspired me to put pen to paper, or at least fingers to keyboard and make a start.

This travel blog isn’t intended to be one that tells you, “The ten GREATEST things to do on a wet weekend in Scunthorpe”, or, “Travel tips for backpacking around Hull on a budget”, It’s just my holiday snaps and musings from the places I visit with my family and friends. It’s really just for me to read and get nostalgic about old trips on those dark nights in winter. If you’ve found your way here and enjoy what you read, then all the better and I pass on my sincerest thanks.

Feel free to connect on social media or comment on a post, even if it’s just to say, “hello!”

Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona

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