A Chauffeured journey from Austria

Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, a day like any other day in the world of A52 Executive cars. I had a few local Airport Chauffeur Transfers in Derby in the diary but after that i had a few days clear. It wasn’t as busy as usual but it was nice relaxing at home with the family for once.

It was about 10am that morning when i had a phone call,

“Could you drive to Austria to pick us up?”

We discussed and agreed a price and i started planning the journey, booking the ferry and sorting out a hotel. I had agreed to pick them up from Kitzbuhel on the Thursday morning

First things first, I phoned my insurance company up to make sure i was legal to drive for hire and reward on the continent, thankfully i was otherwise the plan would have been dead and buried before i began.

Next on the list was to book a hotel in Kitzbuhel for the following night. Thanks to wonders of the internet i was able to do that easily and cheaply. All the hotels in the area were in the style of a typical Alpine picture postcard and i settled on the Hotel Resch on the outskirts of the town. It was cheap enough, had breakfast included and beautiful views of the hills.

I then turned my attention to how i was going to get across that bit of water that separates the UK from France. After much deliberation, taking into account, ease, cost and time, it was decided that the Ferry from Calais would be the best option. The Channel Tunnel would have been quicker and slightly easier but gave no movement in your booking so you had to make the train you were booked on otherwise you would have to pay again. The sealink ferry on the other hand allowed a 3 hour window so if you arrived at the port early or late you could simply get on the next available ferry. I also thought it would be beneficial to have a little time away from the car where i could have a nap, get a meal or stretch my legs.

Finally, after a quick jaunt to asda to get a few Euros in case they were needed, I sorted out the few jobs I had in over the next couple of days with my drivers and went back to bed!

I woke up 22:00, had a hearty meal, loaded my luggage into the car and left Spondon, Derby at midnight on the 2nd July with the aim of getting the 04:20am ferry from Dover to Calais. Miracoulously i encountered no road closures or serious hold ups on the journey down the M1, M25 and M20 and got to Dover an hour earlier than i was expecting.

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