The Keys to our next adventure

only a few months till our next American Adventure.

Its our 20th Wedding Anniversary in June so to celebrate ( or commiserate ) we are leaving our teenager behind and jumping on a plane to Miami where a Mustang cabriolet awaits us and a drive through the everglades and down to Key West. Actually we aren’t leaving the child behind as such, he is off to Montenegro with his grandparents so whilst the cats away the mice are well and truly off to play !

We’re flying from Heathrow to Miami direct with American Airlines. Not sure how thats going to work out as the reviews for AA are a mixed bunch which include everything from “Wouldn’t fly with any other company” to ” Worse flight of my life” lol I think a lot of the bad press stems from domestic US flights where the planes are up to the same level as our train service so fingers crossed. As long as they get us their in good time and without incident its a means to an end and i’ll be happy.

So then, waiting at Miami airport we should have a Ford Mustang Cabriolet ready to be our chariot for the week. I hired one for a day when in Vegas a couple of years back so am really looking forward to whole week of classic American Muscle car.

Its only a small itinerary this time as we are only there a week but we’ve picked what look like some really nice guest houses along the way.

First off is the Casa Thorn Bed & Breakfast in Islamorada which looks like a quirky kind of place and has mixture of reviews on TripAdvisor. It doesn’t look like its to everybody’s tastes but it seems to be the hippyish “unique” type that we like. From Islamorada we are heading down the Seven Mile Bridge to Key West where we will be staying at the Old Town Manor in the Anniversary Room. It was a close call between this room or the Lime Room which actually has a lime tree growing through the centre of it 😀 . The Old Town Manor gets some great reviews and is exactly what  you would expect of a Key West guest house in looks and style, Its handily close to Duval street and the main town and a few blocks from the Wharf and historic seaport. Finally on our drive back up the Keys we are stopping just outside Key Largo at the Azul Del Mar which looks like paradise ! Apparently its been voted Best Hidden Gem in The United States by TripAdvisor users so I’m expecting a lot from this stop. If the pictures on the website are anything like the actual place we should be in for a treat.

This holiday os going to be as relaxing as possible, or at least as much as we allow it to be. Some must do’s we have on the list whilst in that neck of the woods is a trip into the Everglades to do an air boat ride and see some ‘gators and despite the reason i’m quite possibly the worse swimmer in the world i’ve got it into my head that i want to try snorkeling whilst in Key West ! If you have any recommendations for dive schools or Alligator parks ( or is that farms ? ) then please drop me a line using the comments at the bottom of the page as i’m keen to hear from people who may of visited this area. Other than that its going to be a week of fine dining, drinking and chilling out.

And thats it for the time being, roll on the end of May when we will be jetting off to the US of A once more – it’s going to be interesting to see if anything has changed with the inauguration of a new president and the uncertainty that has befell the country but how ever it is i’m sure we’ll love it !

Thanks to California Dreamers and West Coast Wanderers Facebook Group for supplying some of the photographs above and for help in planning our trip along with the USA Dreaming facebook group and as usual you can follow our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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