A day of Disney

Disney today ! This is going to be a tough one to write and i’m going to attempt to get Oz to do the Disneyland write up proper.

My initial thought for a blog past on Disney was as follows:

Today we visited Disney Land California in Anaheim.

And as far as i’m aware none of us have got cancer yet so it must have been a success !

But even i’m not that grumpy, though i’m sure Deb and Oz will disagree !

So then, Disney Land, what can i say about it it that is positive, Well, it was only a five minute walk from our hotel, which was lucky as we at the first bag check at the park we got told we couldn’t take our Go Pole in ( pole that the Go Pro sits on for hand held shooting). Our choices were to give it to them to destroy or head back to the hotel and leave it there. 20 Minutes later after a quick walk back to the hotel we were allowed safe entry into the Park only to be met by a crowd of Japanese with a selfie stick – hmmmm, go figure that one out.

We went on a few rides which were all ok, we looked in expensive disney tat shops, i got increasingly wound up by Happy smiley Californian “Cast Members” who resembled painted sunshine Disney robots, We had a very nice but extortionate lunch in the New Orleans restaurant, We got on the Big thunder railroad only for it to break down and have to get off it, we went to ride the Indiana Jones ride only to find it was closed and may re open later, we went to go to the Haunted House only to find it was closed for Halloween redecoration etc. We found the smoking area and had to suffer the indignity of breathing in toxic fumes whilst we vaped ( YES, i know we will probably die from vaping as well but i haven’t had a cigarette in over a year and the last thing you need when stressed out by the happiness of Disney is to share your grief with people bellowing out Americas finest marloborough’s !)

and relax…….

Gotta say i’m impressed with my Wuss of a son ! Despite the pre ride nerves and panic he loved the big rides he went on and had it not been for inhumanely long queues we would of ridden them several times. The new star wars themed bits were pretty cool and the Star Tours ride was good.

All in all its certainly no better than Disney Land Paris and at a push id say its worse. The French park seemed bigger ¬†with, and i cant believe i’m typing this, more polite staff ! ( sorry, i mean Cast members).

We disappeared back to our hotel room late  afternoon. As the local schools ended for the week the park started filling up with locals who had season passes and the crowds mixed with the heat became unbearable. We headed back into the Disney Village in the evening to eat and get a few souvenirs.

If i never visit another Disney park in my life i think ill Survive !

Over to you Oscar to brighten up my gloomy outlook on a day spent with a giant mouse and his mates !

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