Viva Las Vegas a day on the strip

A refreshing nights sleep and a nice, but expensive, breakfast in the hotel left us raring to go exploring
what delights Las Vegas had to offer. As we are only here for three days it was decided that today we would have a good look around the hotels and explore the strip.

We are not big gamblers and even if we were, having a 13 year old child with us meant only one of us could head on to the gambling floor at a time so we weren’t going to be spending a fortune in the casinos. I did however hope id be spending a fortune in the malls and outlets of Vegas. I was left a little disappointed.

Monument Valley Grand Canyon

Another day and another iconic scene and one of the seven wonders of the world – The Grand Canyon in Arizona. After breakfast overlooking Monument Valley we stuck the go pro camera to the outside of the 4×4 and headed down into the basement of the valley to drive the 17 mile dust track around the bottom of the buttes.

It was an awesome experience, we saw so much more of the amazing rock formations and i got to drive over some real rough dust tracks in the middle of nowhere.

Sante Fe to Monument Valley

Today’s drive to Monument Valley was a long one. In my normal day to day life i eat up 360 miles with ease up and down the motorways but 360 miles through winding pine forests and over barren rocky deserts is another thing all together.

We started the day with a drive up a windy mountain road to visit Los Alamos.
The name of the town may not mean much to many but its one of those towns that once held a very dark secret that pretty much changed modern warfare and the world we live in.

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