We then had a tour around the houses of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. We saw Mick Jagger’s gaff, Michael Jacksons house (well the gates of it), Jennifer Anniston, Clark Gables,

We had an early start after a lovely breakfast in the hotel. First stop was a quick jaunt into Lone Pine to get the now obligatory fridge magnet for Oz and pin badge for myself. We then made our way to the “Movie Road,

We thought the drive down from Mammoth lakes to Lone Pines would be a good one with quite a few stops at Towns along the way which looked interesting on the map. It actually turned out that most the towns

Ive been married now for 19 years and known my wife for a good few years over that. One of the first things i learned about her back in 1991 was how intrigued by Alcatraz Prison she was.

I can now answer Tony Christies question, YES, i do know the way to Amarillo. Now thats out of the way i can get on with the journey from Oklahoma City to Amarillo, Texas

The sky was still gloomy when we left The Wagon Wheel but the worlds biggest rocking chair in Fanning  Missouri was waiting and we weren’t going to let a few grey clouds spoil that ! The rocking Chair is 42 feet and 4 inches tall and dominates the skyline as you approach the Fanning, Read More

Our first day on the route 66 in Illinois was an eventful one. Firstly the taxi driver taking us back to O’Hare airport to pick up the hire car spoke very little English and didn’t have much of a clue where he was going. After finally finding the Alamo offices and settling into our, Read More

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