In August 2016 We headed to San Francisco to start our California road trip

We spent almost three weeks driving to Yosemite National Park, Mammoth Lake, Lone Pines, Death Valley, Lancaster, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Monterrey and even found time to fit in a short visit to Disneyland California. The posts below tell our story of what we saw and where we visited

Bixby Bridge on Highway one California

We woke up to a gloomy and grey day, not quite raining but the weather was more like Scunthorpe in autumn than California in summer. We ate breakfast at Denny’s and then hit highway one to begin our journey along the coastal road, through the big sur eventually ending up in Monterrey bay. 

We left Santa Barbara mid morning and headed out on the coastal road through a very nice looking estate. We were soon up on the cliffs overlooking the bay

We spent today relaxing in Santa Barbara and around pool at the heavenly Franciscan Inn.

The drive from Anaheim to Santa Barbara took showed us both sides of the American dream, from the poverty of South L.A to the riches of Malibu and Pacific coast.

We then had a tour around the houses of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. We saw Mick Jagger’s gaff, Michael Jacksons house (well the gates of it), Jennifer Anniston, Clark Gables,

Gotta say i’m impressed with my Wuss of a son ! Despite the pre ride nerves and panic he loved the big rides he went on and had it not been for inhumanely long queues we would of ridden them several times.

.. travelling through the Angeles National Forest. Yet again it was a gorgeous drive through sweeping bends, up and down hills and valleys and occasionally dodging Porsches speeding towards us ! Pretty soon we were dropping down in to Burbank and Glendale,

We had an early start after a lovely breakfast in the hotel. First stop was a quick jaunt into Lone Pine to get the now obligatory fridge magnet for Oz and pin badge for myself. We then made our way to the “Movie Road,

We thought the drive down from Mammoth lakes to Lone Pines would be a good one with quite a few stops at Towns along the way which looked interesting on the map. It actually turned out that most the towns

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