6 Route 66 tips – Roadtrip Planning

For my first blog post that isn’t from the road i have decided ill try and give any budding road trippers a few Route 66 tips that we found useful or could of done with on our drive from Chicago to Los Angeles.

These are my own personal route 66 tips, opinions and views taken from our 2015 road trip along Route 66 and  not in any particular order. I hope you enjoy reading them.

10 days until take off

It’s now less than two weeks till the big off and whilst my wife is organising and double checking holiday insurance, passports, tickets and ESTA’s I’m panicking about the more important matters such as

What if the radio in the hire car is broken and I’ve got to drive nearly 3000 miles listening to country and western music !

I have a romantic vision of pulling into Vegas with Elvis knocking out Viva Las Vegas over the car speakers or turning onto Santa Monica boulevard with Sheryl Crow singing “as the sun comes down on the Santa Monica Boulevard”.