Route 66 Videos

Well a few months have passed since we got back from our epic Route 66 adventure. Work has been busy and i never did get round to finishing the last few days of the blog unfortunately.

Its taken a few months but i have finally started to upload the many hours of video we took and the thousands of photographs so over the next few weeks i plan to at least edit a few videos and upload them to the site along with adding some more of the photographs we took.

Viva Las Vegas a day on the strip

A refreshing nights sleep and a nice, but expensive, breakfast in the hotel left us raring to go exploring
what delights Las Vegas had to offer. As we are only here for three days it was decided that today we would have a good look around the hotels and explore the strip.

We are not big gamblers and even if we were, having a 13 year old child with us meant only one of us could head on to the gambling floor at a time so we weren’t going to be spending a fortune in the casinos. I did however hope id be spending a fortune in the malls and outlets of Vegas. I was left a little disappointed.

Kingman to Las Vegas

The road has obviously been covered in fresh tarmac recently as you can still see the original road creeping out from underneath the thick layer of black that had topped it but that didn’t make it any less breathtaking as it winded its way over the mountains.

Along the way we passed a number of settlements, some of which looked abandoned. I cant imagine its great fun living miles away from anywhere in the shadow of mountains in the desert, especially when winter sets in