Route 66 Videos

Well a few months have passed since we got back from our epic Route 66 adventure. Work has been busy and i never did get round to finishing the last few days of the blog unfortunately.

Its taken a few months but i have finally started to upload the many hours of video we took and the thousands of photographs so over the next few weeks i plan to at least edit a few videos and upload them to the site along with adding some more of the photographs we took.

Ill start by saying my video editing skills are worse than my blogging skills so if you expecting Martin Scorsese quality production and editing you are going to be sadly disappointed. However, hopefully they will give you an insight into the adventures we had and what Route 66 has to offer the road tripper and more to the point they have been fun for me to do 😀

I will be uploading any videos to my Vimeo (HD) and my You Tube page which can be found at the following links as well as doing a blog post on the site.

Blogging the Road on Vimeo

Blogging the Road on You Tube

And to kick us off here is our Helicopter ride over the Las Vegas Strip. Its my first attempt at editing so please be gentle and enjoy.

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