Our Route 66 Itinary

On the 5th August 2015 we fly out of Heathrow Airport to start our Route 66 road trip.

The following is a list of the towns and cities we are visiting along with the hotels and motels we are staying in. Each location will receive its own page as we travel along the route on our adventure but this will give you an idea to start with. Ive included links to all of the places we are staying so you can take a look and maybe get some ideas for your own trip.

  • August 5th – Chicago Illinois for 2 nights staying in the Talbott Hotel
  • August 7th – Springfield Illinois – one night at the President Abraham Lincoln Doubletree
  • August 8th – St Louis – one night at the Embassy Suites Downtown
  • August 9th – Cuba Missouri staying at the classic Wagon Wheel Motel
  • August 10th – Carthage Missouri – we have room 10 at Boots Court Motel where Clark Gable spent his honeymoon !
  • August 11th – Bricktown Oklahoma staying one night at the Colcord Hotel
  • August 12th – AmarilloTexas staying in the home of the 72oz Steak challenge, The Big Texan
  • August 13th – Tucumcari New Mexico staying one night at the The Motel Safari ( it was a tough choice between the Safari and the Blue Swallow)
  • August 14th – Santa Fe New Mexico staying two nights at the Inn of the Govorners
  • August 16th – Monument Valley Utah a slight deviation off Route 66 for a one night stay at the View Hotel
  • August 17th – The Grand Canyon National Park Arizona staying one night at Kachina Lodge
  • August 18th – we will be standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona and staying at La Posada
  • August 19th – Kingman Arizona staying one night at El Trovatore
  • August 20th – (Viva) Las Vegas Nevada takes us off Route 66 again to stay for three nights at Hotel New York New York
  • August 23rd – San Bernardino California we are doing a classic here, one night at the WigWam Motel
  • August 24th – Santa Monica California as the Road trips draws to an end we are staying a couple of nights in this cool surfer shack style motel, Hotel California

So, that will be about 2800 miles in 3 weeks – it sounds tough going but its less than a weeks worth of mileage for me in my job 😀

Keep checking back for more updates and feel free to comment below if you have any thing to add or any personal experience of the hotels we have chosen

  1. karen

    would love to know the tools you used to plan this trip i was trying to start a road trip for next year of my own can you please inbox me at the address above

    • Dave R

      Hi Karen, We used nothing specifically other than google maps and the internet. We found trip advisor very useful for getting reviews on the various hotels and then we just emailed them. The only two hotels i’ve had to actually phone up to book were Boots court at Carthage and The Big Texan to give them credit card details but both were extremely helpful.

      We have booked everything ourselves and organised flights and car hire etc. When we first started looking we asked some of the specialist travel companies to do us an itinerary but they were extremely expensive and somewhat disappointing in terms of route and hotels used ( all chain hotels right out of town )

      http://www.drivingroute66.com and http://www.facebook.com/groups/route66world are a great place to start for advise on the mother road

    • Matt Charlton

      Hi, we are coming to do Route 66 next year and when looking into the route when we came across a tour of Los Angeles in a caladic, do you recommend this or any views on people who have done it?? We are doing the route in a RV

    • Dave R

      We wont forget you Kansas 😀 May only be 13 miles but we will certainly be stopping by Galena and Four Woman on the route as read lots about it over the past 6 months

  2. RON (Route 66 Tattoo Man) JONES

    Hey David,
    Laurel Kane has a real nice place in Afton, OK called Afton Station and Packard Museum that I think you all would really like. It is also a Route 66 visitor center. Take care and I hope to see you on August 11th.
    —–RON JONES—–Route 66 Tattoo Man—–

  3. julie

    Hi, just stumbled on this! Very interesting project you’ve begun. Hope you enjoy every mile, every site, and every person you meet. My husband and I live just north of Galena, KS. He is from the UK, and has been living here almost 10 years now. It’s funny the day you arrive in the states is the same date 10 years ago that we came back across the pond to live in the states. Enjoy! Lots of lovely, fun and interesting people here in the corner of Kansas…… don’t blink….. LOL you could miss us.

    • Dave R

      Thanks Julie,

      Looks Like it’s going to be the people we meet along the way that will really make the trip. Random strangers on the Internet have been so helpful in the planning and hardcore Route 66 roadies that live for the road are such an interesting bunch that I’m sure the faces will be the highlight.

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