San Francisco, hills and lots of walking

Our first full day in San Francisco was spent walking up some very steep hills ! It doesn’t matter which way you head in San Francisco it would appear you’ll be heading upwards at some point.

We awoke nice and early Thursday morning and headed to Ihop for breakfast. The perfect way to start a long day of walking is with coffee, blueberry and buttermilk pancakes, bacon, hash browns, eggs and lots of maple syrup !

6 Route 66 tips – Roadtrip Planning

For my first blog post that isn’t from the road i have decided ill try and give any budding road trippers a few Route 66 tips that we found useful or could of done with on our drive from Chicago to Los Angeles.

These are my own personal route 66 tips, opinions and views taken from our 2015 road trip along Route 66 and  not in any particular order. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Tucumcari to Santa Fe

We started the morning with breakfast in another classic American diner. Kix on 66 is a bit of a Tucumcari icon on Route 66 and the pancakes, sausages, eggs and crispier than crispy bacon went down very well.

When i was first researching where we were going to go on route 66 i came across the following video about a ghost town called Cuervo. It sounded so “American Detective” or “Twin Peaks” i just had to make a pull in off the I40 to check it out.

America here we come

Yesterday was a long 24 hours !

Our car arrived to take us to Heathrow at 4am. The two hour drive down passed without problem and the check in process went so smoothly that we found ourselves with 3 plus hours to waste away in Terminal 3. That was mainly spent eating a nice, but expensive breakfast in a french “restaurant” that had a French accented waiter who seemed to slip into an Essex drawl when he lowered his guard and browsing Gucci and other assorted expensive shops