10 days until take off

It’s now less than two weeks till the big off and whilst my wife is organising and double checking holiday insurance, passports, tickets and ESTA’s I’m panicking about the more important matters such as

What if the radio in the hire car is broken and I’ve got to drive nearly 3000 miles listening to country and western music !

I have a romantic vision of pulling into Vegas with Elvis knocking out Viva Las Vegas over the car speakers or turning onto Santa Monica boulevard with Sheryl Crow singing “as the sun comes down on the Santa Monica Boulevard”.

I think it’s taken as read that as we start our road trip on Michigan avenue Chicago, the must play song will be ( Get your kicks on ) Route 66 and despite there being a multitude of versions it just has to be the classic Nat King Cole version from 1946, but what about Springfield and Oklahoma ? Does Tucumcari even have a related song ? Amarillo and Tulsa are pretty easy to find songs for and there’s a whole host of music for Los Angeles such as one of my personal favourites, La Woman by The Doors. However i’m still struggling with must have music for most of the route so feel free to share some must have route 66 sounds by commenting below.

The other thing that’s taking my planning time up is Kicks on 66, and i don’t mean the Tucumcari restaurant. I’m a big sneaker head and Adidas trainer collector so part of the trip for me will be searching out sneaker shops along the route. Im hoping to find some cool little sports and fashion shops along the way but in particular I’m really looking forward to visiting Los Angeles for Undefeated and Sportie LA (which looks like a treasure trove of Adidas stuff) and hoping for big things from the Las Vegas Malls

So thats where we are at the moment. 10 days until we head to Chicago, getting more excited by the day and whilst we still have plenty of route planning to do and are still compiling the ever changing list of must do’s and see’s along the way everything seems to be falling into place,


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